Best Audio-Technica ATH-DSR5BT Black Friday And Cyber Monday Deals & Sales 2023

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Best Audio-Technica ATH-DSR5BT Black Friday – Like its big over-ear brothers ATH-DSR7BT (for testing) and ATH-DSR9BT (for testing), Audio-Technica’s newest in-ear relies on the company’s own “Pure Digital” technology, in which the final conversion of the digital Bluetooth Audio streams in electrical vibrations take place directly on the membrane.

We are pleased to present to you a list of Best Audio-Technica ATH-DSR5BT Black Friday for you. I hope you will choose the best product.

Best Audio-Technica ATH-DSR5BT Black Friday And Cyber Monday Deals & Sales 2023

Best Audio-Technica ATH-DSR5BT Black Friday And Cyber Monday Deals & Sales 2023 1


  • Sound Quality: Unmatched audio performance with rich bass and clear highs.
  • Wireless Freedom: Bluetooth technology enables cord-free convenience.
  • Battery Life: Impressive longevity of up to 8 hours.
  • Comfortable Design: Lightweight and ergonomic for long listening sessions.
  • Build Quality: Durable construction with high-quality materials.


  • Price: They are relatively expensive compared to other brands.
  • Lack of Noise Cancellation: No active noise cancellation technology.
  • No Waterproof Rating: Not suitable for workout or heavy sweating.

With the DSR5BT, Audio-Technica is continuing its new generation of wireless headphones, all of which can only be controlled digitally (via Bluetooth) and no longer have analog input. Although invisible, it still points the way towards the future: The support of Qualcomm’s high-resolution audio codecs, with which data transmission rates for 24 bit / 48 kHz can also be achieved. Also invisible: the D / A converter is integrated directly into the drivers. And – of course, one would almost like to say – these headphones also have an integrated hands-free device, since the playback device in most cases is likely to be a mobile phone.


According to the technical data sheet, the DSR5BT generates frequencies in the range of 5 Hz to 45 kHz (!). The 45 kHz should particularly come into play when you fire the headphones with high-res audio material. I only mention in passing that you like your pet rather than your own eardrum with such high frequencies. The impedance is 10 ohms, which does not have to bother you because the amplification takes place in the headphones and not in the playback device. However, there is, of course, a small advantage for the manufacturer, because he can of course adapt the amplifier exactly to the drivers used. In the case of the DSR5BT, there are two in number, namely one with 9.8 and one with 8.8 millimeters in diameter.


The design of the handset is really unusual: media control, Bluetooth receiver, display, battery, and microphone are housed in a slim collar, at the ends of which the actual in-ear headphones are then connected with short cable strands. The media/telephone control is on the left leg (functions: forward / back / pause, louder / quieter, answering calls), on the right the power slider and a battery/charge indicator with three LED segments. The choker has the dimensions of a very slim headband and is covered with rubber in the neck area.

It is relatively light to wear and does not push. Of course, this depends largely on the neck width of the wearer. But no matter how tight or lose the hoop sits at the end, you always have the feeling of Having something around your neck – this may be a clear disadvantage of this design for some. On the plus side, however, it stands again that all controls have a lot of space due to the generous dimensions and are designed to be relatively large, which makes operation very pleasant and “accurate”.


I’ll make it short: the DSR5BT sounds great. Not only because of its frequency response from 5 to 45 kHz (!), but Because this is known to be just a technical fact and the listener can still sound bad. No, it is the wonderfully balanced balance in the overall tonal weighting that makes listening with this in-ear so satisfying. It strikes the right balance between crispy highs, powerful mids and neatly pushing basses. Nothing pushes to the fore and yet everything is “there” – achieving this balance is the high art of transducer design and Audio-Technica has audibly done everything right – compliments! That makes up for the self-confident price.

He is serious. In terms of sound, he gives himself ATH-DSR5BT balanced, neutral, without any showmanship. It goes deep in the bass and controls down and saves any artificial bass emphasis. The mids are well marked – this is where excellent drivers and aptX HD come together – and the highs are clean, a little bright, but never aggressive. All of this comes with a roughly and finely dynamic response. This is a properly audiophile headphone for demanding listeners.


The ATH-DSR5BT belongs to the neckband or “neckband” Bluetooth in-ears. The Bluetooth technology as well as the control buttons and the microphone are housed in the “collar” of the headphones. Accordingly, the ear housings are significantly smaller than in-ears, where the technology is in the ear housings. This design is not so common in Germany, but very common in Asia. I suspect this is because Asians on average have smaller ears and ear canals than Europeans.

Neckband in-ears with their small housings meet this requirement. In addition, neckband in-ears offer a few other tangible benefits. They meet people with small ears, and frequent callers also appreciate neckband in-ears. Because the control buttons are particularly easy and reliable to find on the collar. In addition, there is less risk of pulling the headphones out of your ears when handling than if you are fiddling with a cable remote control. And the neckband offers space – for example for powerful batteries.     


Despite the voluminous neckband, Audio-Technica does not install overly powerful batteries. The playing time is rather average at eight hours. For this, the Japanese have donated the ATH-DSR5BT for best sound quality aptX HD; newly developed push-pull drivers, and Audio-Technica’s pure digital drive technology, a special technique of digital/analog conversion. If you don’t have the headphones in your ear at the moment; you can use a tiny cable clip to connect the ear cases so that the two ends don’t dangle freely on the neckband. There is a point of sympathy for the small slide switch with which the ATH-DSR5BT switched on and off. That never leaves you in the dark as to whether you have pressed any key for this purpose long enough.    


The really tiny housings should fit even the smallest ears; in larger ears, you can find them with the right earmolds. Cable noise etc. is rather inconspicuous thanks to the design. For people with small ears, Audio-Technica has included earmuffs in XS.     


Audio-Technica’s ATH-DSR5BT headphones are among the best products on this list. They have a dynamic, open-back design that provides clear sound reproduction and deep bass response for an immersive listening experience. The ear pads can be rotated to adjust to any head shape or size so you will always feel comfortable wearing these cans. And if you want to take your music with you anywhere, they fold up nicely into their included carrying case making them easy to transport around town without breaking too much of a sweat. These headphones also come in six different colors which are great because it means there’s something here for everyone!

Audio-Technica is calling a proud price for the ATH-DSR5BT. But you get a nicely made neckband Bluetooth in-ear with exclusive technology and above all a serious audiophile sound.