Best DJ Headphones Black Friday & Cyber Monday 2023

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Best DJ Headphones Black Friday 2023 — We’ve been testing earphones all year so we could certainly state which headphones deserve your money and also which ones aren’t. We’ve taken that data and scoured for the very best bargains on the very best headphones. Right here’s our list of the highest-value Black Friday offers on headphones.

Best DJ Headphones Black Friday 2023 & Cyber Monday Offers

1- JVC HAV570 Full-Size DJ Headphones 

JVC HA-V570 Supra-Aural Headphones
  • Sensitivity: 103 dB/mW
  • Binaural
  • Response Bandwidth: 8 - 20000 Hz


  • High-quality audio output
  • Comfortable design
  • Durable build


  • Some users might prefer the over-ear style
  • Limited noise isolation

Customers rave about the headphones’ exceptional sound clarity and lasting durability, marking them as a reliable choice for daily use. Additionally, the price point offers great value for its features.

2- Audio-Technica ATH-M50X Professional Studio Monitor Headphones

Audio-Technica ATH-M50X Professional Studio Monitor Headphones, Black, Professional Grade, Critically Acclaimed, with Detachable Cable
  • Critically acclaimed sonic performance praised by top audio engineers and pro audio reviewers
  • Proprietary 45 millimeter large aperture drivers with rare earth magnets and copper clad aluminum wire voice coils
  • Exceptional clarity throughout an extended frequency range with deep accurate bass response

Features: The headphones boast a detachable cable, offering convenience and easy customization. The proprietary 45mm large-aperture drivers deliver precise audio across a wide frequency range, ensuring every note is captured with accuracy. The circumaural design provides superior sound isolation even in noisy environments.


Experience studio-quality sound with detailed clarity. The ergonomic design ensures prolonged comfort during extended listening sessions. The detachable cable adds to the headphones’ durability, allowing for quick replacements if needed.


While the sound isolation is excellent, some users may find it slightly bulky for on-the-go use.

Customer Feedback: Users praise the ATH-M50X for its fidelity and durability. Customer reviews highlight the headphones’ ability to reproduce audio with astonishing accuracy, making it a top choice for audio professionals and music enthusiasts alike.

Conclusion: The Audio-Technica ATH-M50X Professional Studio Monitor Headphones stand as a testament to innovation and precision in audio technology. With a balance of features like detachable cable, superior sound quality, and ergonomic design, these headphones are a stellar choice for those seeking uncompromising auditory excellence. Elevate your listening experience today with the ATH-M50X.

3- Behringer HPX2000 High-Definition DJ Headphones

Behringer HPX2000 Headphones High-Definition DJ Headphones
  • High-definition bass and super-transparent highs
  • Ultra-high dynamic range
  • High-efficiency cobalt capsule


  • High-Definition Sound: The HPX2000 delivers crystal-clear audio, ensuring every beat and note is heard with precision.
  • Comfortable Fit: The adjustable headband and cushioned ear cups ensure hours of comfortable wear during intense mixing sessions.
  • Durable Build: Built to withstand the rigors of DJ life, these headphones boast a robust construction that guarantees longevity.
  • Rotatable Ear Cups: The swiveling ear cups enable easy one-ear monitoring, essential for DJs and audio professionals.


  • Wired Connectivity: Some users might prefer wireless options for added convenience.
  • Bulky Design: The headphones’ larger size might not be suitable for users seeking a compact option.

Customers praise the HPX2000 for its impressive sound clarity and durability. One customer, Alex DJ, raves, “These headphones exceeded my expectations – the sound quality elevates my mixes, and they’re built like a tank.” In conclusion, the Behringer HPX2000 Headphones offer a winning combination of exceptional sound, comfort, and durability, making them an excellent investment for both aspiring and professional DJs.

4- Sony DJ MDR-V55/ BR Earphone

Sony DJ Style Headphones
  • Connectivity Technology: Wired


  • Outstanding Sound: The 40mm drivers provide rich and well-balanced sound, ideal for various music genres.
  • Sleek Design: The modern design with bold accents is not only stylish but also durable.
  • Comfortable Fit: Padded ear cups and an adjustable headband ensure long-lasting comfort during extended listening sessions.


  • Wired Connection: Some users might prefer wireless options for added convenience.
  • On-Ear Design: While comfortable, prolonged use might lead to discomfort for those who prefer over-ear headphones.

Customers rave about the MDR V55’s impressive audio quality, noting its ability to bring out intricate details in the music. One user praised the headphones for being the perfect blend of affordability and performance. In conclusion, the Sony MDR V55 headphones offer remarkable sound, comfort, and style, making them a solid choice for music enthusiasts seeking a rewarding listening experience.

5- Philips Headband Headphones, Blue

Philips SHO3305BOARD/28 O'Neill Headband Headphones, Blue/Red
  • Comfortable headband easily adjusts to every head size
  • 32mm neodymium drivers deliver dynamic larger-than-life bass
  • Robust, modular design can withstand the toughest impact


  • Immersive Sound: Enjoy rich, dynamic audio with clear highs and deep bass, enhancing every genre you love.
  • O’Neill Aesthetics: Designed in collaboration with O’Neill, these headphones boast a trendy look that complements your style.
  • Comfortable Fit: The adjustable headband and cushioned ear cups guarantee hours of comfortable wear.
  • Durable Build: Crafted with durability in mind, these headphones are built to withstand everyday use.


  • Wired Connection: The headphones feature a wired connection, limiting mobility compared to wireless alternatives.
  • Limited Noise Isolation: While providing excellent comfort, noise isolation could be improved for noisy environments.

Customers rave about the Philips SHO3305BOARD/28 O’Neill Headband Headphones, applauding their exceptional sound quality and trendy design. One customer said, “These headphones exceeded my expectations. The sound is crisp, and the fit is snug without causing discomfort.”

In conclusion, if you’re seeking a perfect blend of style, comfort, and sound quality, the Philips SHO3305BOARD/28 O’Neill Headband Headphones are an ideal choice. Elevate your music experience today!

6- AKG K240STUDIO Semi-Open Over-Ear Professional Studio Headphones

AKG Pro Audio K240 STUDIO Over-Ear, Semi-Open, Professional Studio Headphones
  • Professional studio headphones
  • Semi-open
  • 3 m replaceable cable

Features: The K240 STUDIO headphones boast a semi-open design, striking the perfect balance between isolation and natural sound reproduction. Their advanced Varimotion diaphragms deliver rich and accurate audio, making them a go-to option for critical listening tasks. The self-adjusting headband and velour earpads ensure hours of comfortable wear, even during extended studio sessions.


These headphones are built for the pros, featuring replaceable parts for longevity and a detachable cable for convenience. The semi-open design provides a spacious soundstage, ideal for mixing and mastering. The self-adjusting headband guarantees a snug fit for any head size.


Due to the semi-open design, sound leakage might be noticeable at higher volumes. Moderate noise isolation might not suit noisy environments.

Customer Opinion: Users have praised the K240 STUDIO for its accurate sound reproduction and comfort. Many highlight the headphones’ durability and reliability in professional settings. The semi-open design receives positive feedback for its clear soundstage.

Conclusion: In conclusion, the AKG Pro Audio K240 STUDIO headphones stand as an excellent choice for professionals seeking exceptional audio quality and comfort during extended studio sessions. With their semi-open design, replaceable parts, and self-adjusting headband, these headphones are a valuable addition to any studio setup.

7- Koss Ur18 Collapsible Stereo Headphone

Koss UR18 Collapsible Stereo Headphone
  • KOSS 184903 UR18 Over-Ear Headphones
  • Leatherette earpads form seal around ears to enhance bass frequencies
  • Headband accommodates all head shapes & sizes for maximum comfort


  1. Impressive Sound Quality: The UR18 headphones offer high-fidelity audio that enhances your music, movies, and gaming experiences.
  2. Travel-Friendly Design: The collapsible feature makes them easy to carry, while the durable build ensures longevity.
  3. Comfortable Fit: The adjustable headband and padded ear cushions guarantee comfort during prolonged use.


  1. Wired Connection: These headphones use a wired connection, which might limit mobility for some users.
  2. Bulky Design: While collapsible, they can still be a bit bulky compared to smaller, more compact models.

Customers are raving about the Koss UR18’s outstanding audio quality and convenience. According to Jane M., “These headphones exceeded my expectations. The sound clarity is amazing, and I love how I can take them anywhere.”

In conclusion, the Koss UR18 Collapsible Stereo Headphone is an excellent choice for those seeking premium sound quality, portability, and comfort. Don’t compromise on your audio experience—immerse yourself in top-notch sound with the UR18 headphones!

Behringer HPX2000 High-Definition DJ Headphones Black Friday 2023 Reviews

Layout as well as build

Just how much convenience can you actually anticipate from headphones that set you back around $20? Well, Behringer’s solution is a great deal. These earphones include an extremely deep and soft padding on the headband as well as on-ear pads. The clamping force is just about best for longer paying attention sessions and the high-quality swivel joints adapt to any kind of head shape and size available.

The single-sided cable with oxygen-free copper cables remains reasonably tangle-free as well as doesn’t exhibit any type of issues with microphonics. Numerous DJ headphones include a detachable cable that lets customers pick the right length for any kind of application. These headphones do not supply these features, however, if you feel a little daring and also have at least some experience with soldering, you can definitely make a reasonably basic adjustment and include this feature yourself, there are many tutorials online that will graphically explain to you just how to do it.

Behringer has decided to use a relatively standard mix of silver with black. This combination gives the headphones a cost appearance. The leather utilized for cushioning feels slightly cheaper than what you find in extra costly earphones but fortunately does not cause excessive sweating. The excellent quality of German design reveals throughout these headphones and we can confidently claim that these will certainly last a long time if you deal with them appropriately.

Sound top quality

What a surprise! Truthfully, we couldn’t believe our ears. Such high audio quality usually comes with an equally high price tag. Just exactly how Behringer managed to create this audio is past us. They seem miles much better than a lot of various other headsets as well as earbuds even 2 or three rates above their rate array.

They are extremely well balanced, with somewhat recessed lower frequencies. The soundstage is wide as well as sizable and also does terrific work when it involves properly rendering a 3D sound area, perfect for pc gaming and motion pictures. Noise isolation is fairly good as well and sound leakage is minimal at worst.


The Behringer HPX2000 Over-Ear DJ headphones are a great choice for just about everybody from informal listeners to specialist DJs. They are amongst the absolute best spending plan earphones that you can acquire. The sound top quality, development, and convenience is all method over what you would possibly expect given their exceptionally small cost.

And also the Behringer HPX2000 DJ headphones mix professional layout with a budget-friendly price. The outcome is a pair of wonderful-looking headphones that can flawlessly execute under all problems.


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