Best Final E2000C Black Friday And Cyber Monday Deals & Sales 2023

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Best Final E2000C Black Friday – The Japanese manufacturer Final has expanded its hi-fi headphone range with the E2000C an inexpensive in-ear model for portable use, which is designed as a bass reflex system and has a 1-button remote with an integrated microphone for controlling mobile devices. The high-resolution, wired in-ears should be tuned to modern pop, rock, and dance productions.

We are pleased to present to you a list of Best Final E2000C Black Friday for you. I hope you will choose the best product.

Best Final E2000C Black Friday And Cyber Monday Deals & Sales 2023

1. Final Audio Design H-Res Earphone Black (E2000C)

The Final Audio Design E2000C delivers an unrivaled sound experience in the budget IEM segment. Exhibiting a warm yet detailed sound signature, these earphones capture a wide range of frequencies without distortion. The build quality is robust, with an unassuming black aesthetic that complements a minimalist style. However, the lack of a detachable cable could limit longevity, and the minimal sound isolation may deter users in noisy environments.

Final Audio Design H-Res Earphone Black (E2000C)
  • Hi-definition 6.4mm dynamic driver
  • Built in microphone
  • Hi-Res Audio


  • Warm yet detailed sound signature: Provides an immersive listening experience.
  • Robust build and attractive design: Durable construction with a sleek, minimalist style.


  • Non-detachable cable: Affects durability and limits customization options.
  • Minimal sound isolation: May not be suitable for use in noisy environments.

2. final Dynamic Earphone E2000CS (MATT Silver)

The Final E2000 FI-E2DALCS in-ear earphones deliver stellar audio performance, striking a well-balanced soundscape between treble, mids, and bass. Their slim design and matte silver finish add a touch of sophistication, while the inline microphone and controller ensure effortless communication and audio control. However, there’s room for improvement in the durability department.


  • Balanced and robust audio quality: These earphones deliver an excellent range of sound, capturing the nuances of different genres of music.
  • Sophisticated design: The matte silver finish and sleek design are quite appealing.
  • Integrated microphone and controller: Allows for easy call handling and audio control.


  • Questionable durability: Despite their high-end look, these earphones may not stand up to heavy usage over time.

Best Final E2000C Black Friday And Cyber Monday

The in-ear system has a slim, filigree design that has two special features. On the one hand, the aluminum housing is not closed but has a grid-like cover on the back due to the bass reflex construction. In addition, the earmolds are self-made and have a so-called integrated swivel mechanism to achieve an optimal fit and high shielding. For this reason, the attachment or substructure of the earmolds consists of a grooved tube that can be flexibly positioned in the ear canal and which, despite its adaptability, has sufficient stability. This is important because the tubes cannot be pressed together and thus direct transmission is guaranteed.

An interesting approach to which high insulation properties can be confirmed. The construction also achieves a tight fit, but this can create a feeling of pressure when worn for a long time. Since cable noises are also transmitted, the use of the included ear hook is recommended. Although these do not appear to be of particularly high quality, they effectively minimize the perceived noises of the cable as well as the pressure in the ear canal, thereby increasing the comfort and listening experience. In addition to the absolutely convincing advantages of the innovative earmolds, I also see a clear disadvantage. The commercially available replacement for in-ear systems has a shaft that is too short so that there is a clear play. In this respect, a commitment to the original earmolds from the manufacturer must be accepted.

Device control

The 1-button remote control of the E2000C supports the control of the play / stop function at the push of a button and the answering and ending of calls. By pressing twice, on the other hand, you can navigate to the next track before and with the help of a triple click to the previous track. If you are wearing the in-ears without an ear hook, you should hold the microphone closer to your mouth, especially in a noisy environment, since the remote is in this case at the level of the upper body. This is due to the planned cable routing behind the ear, in which the remote sits accordingly higher so that a good positioning is already given. Despite the speech intelligibility on both sides, the presentation is characterized by dullness.


The sound of the in-ears is direct, bass-emphasized, and puts vocals in the spotlight. These sound quite bright and framed by a powerful bass foundation that extends down to the lower registers, making beats punchy and basslines creak. From a purely optical point of view, it is astonishing how much power there is in such dainty headphones, which also provide high volume reserves. However, I was irritated by the significant drop in the treble, so the overall sound character is dull. In addition to the presence in the bass range, there is an emphasis in the high mids, which in my view is close to the limit of oversubscription and can already sound sharp at certain points. In this respect, the sound did not balance and harmonious, so the bigger brother soundsE3000C (for testing) were significantly more homogeneous. 

Final E2000C – high-resolution, noise-isolating in-ear headphones with microphone and remote control, aluminum black

The new E2000C is another of Final’s pushes into the dynamic in-ear headphone market. It was developed to offer high-resolution sound and elegant, simple design at an affordable price. With its even frequency response, the E2000C offers a natural sound that does not emphasize a specific frequency range – for a unique music experience.

To ensure the balance across the entire frequency response, the dynamic drivers with small apertures in the E2000C set so that no frequency range is emphasized, which would mask other frequencies.

In order for the E2000C to retain its high-resolution sound, the housings are made from black aluminum coated aluminum. This extremely stable combination of materials minimizes unwanted vibrations of the dynamic driver; reduces unwanted distortion and ensures uninterrupted listening pleasure – regardless of which musical genre

The C variant of the E2000 has a 1-button remote control for playback and telephony control; as well as a high-quality microphone for convenient, hands-free calls. *

Precise dynamic driver

When designing the small dynamic driver unit, great emphasis was placed on maximum precision. All parts have been put together with care and attention; which is unusual for a dynamic driver in this price range.

Smartphone control for iOS and Android

One button can use to control music playback and answer and end calls. The built-in microphone enables hands-free communication. *

High-quality aluminum

housing The sturdy aluminum housing with an alumite finish protects the drivers of the E2000 and reduces sound-distorting vibrations. The simple, elegant design with its clear, simple shape and unusual surface match the sound of the E2000 perfectly.

Unique Swing-Fit earmolds

So that the sound waves reach the eardrum directly; the earmolds of the E2000 have equipped with a unique vibration mechanism; which positions the sound in the ideal direction of the ear canal.

Innovative ventilation design

In order to allow the E2000 to have precise airflow; a small opening on the rear of the housing expands the reproduction of low frequencies. A filter inside prevents sound from escaping from the ventilation and a strong stainless steel grille protects the inside.

Sound characteristics

With its smooth and natural frequency response; the E2000 is able to reproduce a transparent sound with clear vocals and crisp deep bass. A sound of joy in every musical genre makes and the hearing does not tire even after long listening.