Best Final E3000C Black Friday And Cyber Monday Deals & Sales 2022

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  • Best Final E3000C Black Friday – Like the E2000C model (for testing), the likewise wired, high-resolution E3000C is designed as a bass reflex system and has a 1-button remote with an integrated microphone for controlling mobile devices. Musically, however, the E3000C has a different focus, since according to the Japanese manufacturer Final, these in-ears are tuned to acoustic music as well as jazz and classical music.

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Best Final E3000C Black Friday And Cyber Monday Deals & Sales 2022

Final Audio Design E3000C H-Res Earphone Stainless Steel

Final Audio Design E3000C H-Res Earphone Stainless Steel Black
  • Hi-definition 6.4mm dynamic driver
  • Built in microphone
  • Hi-Res Audio

With regard to their external appearance and structure, both in-ear variants have many similarities. The slim, filigree design is identical, which due to the bass reflex construction has an open back of the housing with a grid-like cover. However, there are differences in the housing material used. The housing of the E3000C is made of polished stainless steel, which means that, unlike the black anodized aluminum housing of the E2000C, the cover also integrates seamlessly. Analogous to the E2000C model, however, the well-known earmolds with integrated swivel mechanism are used again. This proprietary development based on a grooved tube favors a firm fit in the ear canal and has high insulation properties.

It is recommended to use the included ear hooks, as these have two main advantages, even if they do not look of very high quality. On the one hand, existing cable noises are effectively reduced and the comfort of the system increases, as the pressure on the ear canal is minimized. The relief is particularly noticeable during longer listening sessions since the very light in-ears are barely perceived by the ear hooks despite the tight fit.


  • Excellent Sound Quality: Equipped with high-resolution dynamic drivers, the E3000C delivers a rich and detailed soundstage.
  • Build Quality: Made with stainless steel, these earphones are robust and durable.
  • Comfort: They’re light and comfortable, allowing for extended wear without discomfort.
  • Inline Remote: A convenient inline mic and control offer easy call and music management.


  • No Wireless Option: The E3000C only offers wired connectivity, which could be a disadvantage in the wireless era.
  • Bass Response: While detailed, the bass might be slightly lacking for some users.

Device control

Like the E2000C, the 1-button remote control of the E3000C supports the control of the play / stop function as well as the answering and ending of calls at the push of a button. In addition, you can navigate to the next track by pressing twice and back to the previous track with a triple click. If you are wearing the in-ears without an ear hook, you should hold the microphone closer to your mouth, especially in a noisy environment, since the remote is in this case at the level of the upper body. This is due to the planned cable routing behind the ear, in which the remote sits accordingly higher so that a good positioning gave. Despite the speech intelligibility on both sides, the presentation is characterized by dullness.


The sound of the in-ears is warm, full, and has a very voluminous bass range. Despite the presence of the low frequencies, the sound appears much more homogeneous than with the E2000C, since the additional emphasis in the high mids is more moderate. However, there is also a clear drop in the treble of the E3000C, so that the overall sound character is again muffled. Apart from this shortcoming, the delicate in-ears have an appealing spatiality, and the sound is both soft and natural. Jazz, funk, and soul classics, therefore, harmonize well with the tonal coordination, which, for example, Aretha Franklin’s voice in “Respect” can depict with an impressive depth.

The E3000C in practical use

First of all, the really good fit of the final E3000C should be emphasized. Thanks to the clever swivel mechanism of the earmolds, the in-ears sit perfectly in the ear canal. It is also recommended to use the ear hooks included in the scope of delivery. Thus, the finals sit even better, and cable noises are reduced again. Also very practical: when using the ear hooks, the control unit and the microphone automatically move closer to the mouth. And even after a long stay in the ear canal, the final E3000C is no longer noticeable. 

Ambient noises are also efficiently masked out by the firm fit of the headphones. A disadvantage of the handset, however, is that the final E3000C; due to the bass reflex construction and the associated openings on the back of the case; allows a relatively large amount of sound to pass through to the outside – and thus to outsiders. This gives the neighbors on the bus and trains a deep insight into the musical preferences of the user. If it gets too colorful, or if the final E3000C did not use elsewhere on the way; it disappears quickly and is space-saving in the practical storage bag included. The compact final in-ear has therefore already passed the practical test.


For a street price of around 60 euros, there is nothing to complain about in the final E3000C in-ear headphones. The bass range is powerful and the general sound is convincing with smaller smears. The fit of the headphones in the ear canal – even for hours – is excellent, and the processing quality of the listener looks absolutely solid. If you are looking for inexpensive; yet high-quality in-ears with a very decent sound and useful accessories; you can access them here without hesitation.