Best Garmin Vivofit Jr 2 Smartwatch Black Friday 2023

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Best Garmin Vivofit Jr 2 Smartwatch Black Friday The Garmin Vivofit jr. 2 is a fitness tracker for children. The wearable should not, however, trim them for maximum performance, but motivate them to exercise more. Our test reveals whether this works – in which children helped us.

Children usually have a great urge to move. If it slows down, however, you can take countermeasures from a parent’s perspective. In addition to good persuasion and the organization of excursions and other offers, some technology can also help. That’s why I gave my two children Garmin Vivofit jr for one month. 2 given.

Here I have picked some Best Garmin Vivofit Jr 2 Smartwatch Black Friday Sales & Deals for you from the top brand Smartwatch.

Best Garmin Vivofit Jr. 2 Smartwatch Black Friday 2023

1. Garmin vívofit jr 2, Kids Fitness/Activity Tracker

Garmin vivofit jr. 2, Kids Fitness/Activity Tracker, 1-year Battery Life, Adjustable Band, Disney Princess, Purple
  • Disney Princess kids fitness tracker with interactive app experience
  • Swim friendly band features a customizable color screen and user replaceable battery that lasts 1+ year; No recharging needed
  • Parents can access chore management and reward tools on the parent controlled app

Reasons to buy:

  • Long 1-year battery life: No more frequent charging hassles! The long-lasting battery ensures the tracker is always ready for your child’s next adventure.
  • Adjustable band: The vivofit jr. 2’s band is designed to grow with your child, ensuring a comfortable and secure fit at all times.
  • Engaging Disney Princess theme: Coupling fitness with the allure of popular Disney princesses makes for an attractive proposition that kids love.

small restrictions:

  • Limited design choices: Some customers wished for more variety in the design and theme options, beyond just Disney Princess.
  • Lack of advanced features: While perfect for younger children, older kids might find the feature set somewhat limited.

2. Garmin VivoFit 4 Activity Tracker Black with Color Display- Small/Medium

Garmin VivoFit 4 Activity Tracker Black with Color Display- Small/Medium (Renewed)
  • Features always-on customizable color display; no charging necessary
  • Tracks steps, distance and calories burned, monitors sleep and provides a personalized daily step goal
  • Safe for swimming and showering

Reasons to buy:

  • Long-lasting battery: The Garmin VivoFit 4’s most outstanding feature is its impressive year-long battery life. This removes the constant need for recharging, letting you focus more on your fitness goals.
  • Color display: The vibrant color display is a significant upgrade. It provides clear, sharp visuals that enhance user interaction and data readability.
  • Customizable color screen: You can personalize the device with various themes, making it more than just a fitness tracker. It’s an accessory that fits your style.
  • Sleep tracking: The sleep tracking feature provides valuable insights into your sleep patterns, aiding in overall health improvement.

small restrictions:

  • Non-touch display: Some users may find the lack of touch screen capability a bit outdated in the world of smart devices.

3. Garmin vivofit jr. 3, Fitness Tracker for Kids, Includes Interactive App Experience, Swim-Friendly

Garmin vivofit jr. 3, Fitness Tracker for Kids, Includes Interactive App Experience, Swim-Friendly, Up To 1-year Battery Life, Blue Stars
  • Includes interactive app experience that lets kids go on a garmin world tour; kiddos can uncover and tour exciting new places (requires garmin jr. app loaded on parent’s compatible smartphone paired to vívofit jr. 3)
  • Durable, swim-friendly fitness tracker features a large color display with multiple watch face options and up to 1 year of battery life — no recharging needed, and the battery is parent replaceable
  • Motivates kids to achieve active minute goals that unlock entertaining app adventures, games and icons (requires garmin jr. app loaded on parent’s compatible smartphone paired to vívofit jr. 3)

Reasons to buy:

  • Interactive App Experience: The tracker comes with an app that gamifies fitness, making exercise fun and enjoyable for kids.
  • Swim-Friendly: The tracker is water-resistant, making it perfect for swimming or any other water-related activities.
  • Long Battery Life: With a battery that can last up to a year, frequent charging is not a concern.

small restrictions:

  • The design may not appeal to older kids, making it somewhat age-restrictive.

Garmin Vivofit Jr. 2 Black Friday 2023 Review

Wristbands and apps make fitness trackers a child’s wearable

The Best Garmin Vivofit Jr. 2 Smartwatch Black Friday is a classic fitness tracker, but it sits in a bracelet with child-friendly motifs. Garmin is cooperating with Disney, so Star Wars, Minnie Mouse, or Disney princesses are currently available in addition to the Avengers and Spiderman. 

The Vivofit Jr. 2 counts steps, records active minutes, and logs sleep. A pulse measurement or GPS is not available and sporting activities are not recognized and cannot be recorded in any other way. The wearable only records the active time itself. So you can not monitor your children permanently, but you can already see in the app when they were active and when they slept.

A game in the app that thematically matches the bracelet – for example in the “Star Wars” universe or with the Avengers superheroes – provides additional motivation. Every time the child reaches the daily goal of the movement, they can take a step in the game and follow the story. In between, mini-games keep loosening up. We haven’t reached the end of the story in a month, but I’m afraid that it will eventually come to an end.

To keep the Garmin Vivofit Jr. 2 you don’t have to worry too much. The button cell in the wearable should last for a year. If the battery is empty, you can replace it. To do this, you need the Vivofit Jr. Get out of his bracelet and open four small screws with a screwdriver. This is comparatively complex, but luckily it is not often necessary.

Conclusion: The parents are still responsible for long-term motivation

My children were very enthusiastic about the Garmin Vivofit jr. 2 and were fired up to try him out. In the beginning, they also enthusiastically collected steps and coins, but their motivation wore off over time. The parents are still in demand here and must continue to motivate themselves and cannot completely shift responsibility towards technology. Although my children were very proud of many steps a day, they did not do an extra lap if the daily goal had not yet been reached. Looking at the display on the arm and missing the next step in the game wasn’t enough motivation. Nevertheless, they have the Vivofit jr. 2 reluctant to submit at the end of the test.

The Garmin Vivofit Jr. 2 can help motivate children to exercise more. But it doesn’t work all by itself with the wearable. As parents, you have to motivate your offspring again and again.

The suggested retail price for the Garmin Vivofit jr. 2 is 90 euros and is around 10 euros cheaper than the Fitbit Ace. The Fitbit children’s wearable is less visually childlike and attracts with competitions and badges, but does not offer any extra children’s games and does not allow parents to do any tasks.


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