Best Pioneer SE-MS9BN S9 Black Friday And Cyber Monday Deals & Sales 2023

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Best Pioneer SE-MS9BN S9 Black Friday – The SE-MS9BN or S9 for short comes entirely in a retro look, either with black synthetic leather or alternatively in a golden-brown color combination. Pioneer’s largest model in the Scene Style series relies on an impressively robust construction with a strongly padded headband and aluminum ear cups. The length of the latter can adjust using a stable wire construction, but not rotatable. The device works either with Bluetooth 4.2 and active noise canceling or in passive cable operation. The integrated battery provides a remarkable runtime of 24 or 27 hours of music playback (with/without noise-canceling, manufacturer information).

We are pleased to present to you a list of Best Pioneer SE-MS9BN S9 Black Friday for you. I hope you will choose the best product.

Best Pioneer SE-MS9BN S9 Black Friday And Cyber Monday Deals & Sales 2023

PIONEER SE-MS9BN(G) Headphone Gold Japan Import

The Pioneer SE-MS9BN(G) Headphones, imported from Japan, boast remarkable sound quality and luxury design. A marriage of style and functionality, these headphones offer seamless Bluetooth connectivity, active noise cancellation, and a plush gold finish, making for a truly premium audio experience.

PIONEER SE-MS9BN(G) Headphone Gold Japan Import
  • Active Noise-Cancelling Technology and Ambient Awareness Mode
  • Optimized for Google Assistant
  • Supports Hi-Res Audio playback with supplied cable connected


  • Exceptional sound quality delivering crisp highs and deep lows.
  • Stylish, luxurious gold design that is as aesthetically pleasing as it is functional.
  • Active Noise Cancellation (ANC) for an immersive, uninterrupted audio experience.
  • Impressive Bluetooth connectivity ensuring smooth, wireless audio playback.


  • Premium pricing may not be affordable for all consumers.
  • Bulky design could be cumbersome for on-the-go usage.
  • Average battery life compared to competitors.

In conclusion, the Pioneer SE-MS9BN(G) stands out for its stellar audio performance and lavish design. Its few drawbacks are its price and bulkiness, but for those seeking top-tier sound quality combined with style, this could be an excellent choice.


The well-padded and securely fitting 300-gram construction ensures long-term comfort and basically good passive external noise insulation. After switching on, the pairing with the smartphone takes place quickly and, like other status reports, reported to the wearer via acoustic tones.

It controlled via controls on the left auricle. The recessed on and off switch used for initial pairing (NFC also supported). The S9 can also be connected to two devices, for example, to be able to answer calls while music is playing.

Furthermore, noise-canceling can also switch on and off and the “Ambient Aware” communication mode activated; in which sound emitted into the electronics via the external microphones in order to facilitate communication. Another button reserved exclusively for calling up the Google Assistant.

Finally, there is a function block that controls the volume and can trigger title jumps and start/stop commands. Here you can also call up a voice assistant and accept and end calls. So far so good: It is only a little unclear to me why only the Google Assistant and not the Ambient Aware function has given a switch that can be easily and securely felt.

Noise canceling

The switchable but not adjustable active noise canceling ensures additional noise suppression, which ensures more silence in the field. Static and low-frequency noises suppressed particularly reliably due to the concept, while irregular and higher-frequency noises break through the protection more quickly. Accordingly, the results are best when sitting, for example on the train or in an airplane. I would describe the intensity of the shielding as medium-intensive and less effective than with some competitors.


The closed construction works with dynamic 40 mm drivers with in-house CCAW coils. The result can hear, also due to the support of the high-resolution codecs AAC and aptX / aptX HD.

The sound is broad-banded, punchy, and at the same time rather soft and warm. While the bass reproduced audibly and without overemphasis, the S9 is full in the bass but also a bit pretentious. This area slightly outshines the perfectly harmonious and airy mids, which reproduce instruments and voices with an authentic character. Through this coordination, genres like rock and pop sound powerful but not always completely tidy. Finally, the height range provides the necessary transparency without annoying hardness.

The necessary details, which are necessary for a stable stereo image and the reproduction of panorama effects, are also available. As a closed construction, however, the S9, as expected, cannot compete with high-quality open over-ear models. It doesn’t have to be because these headphones are primarily intended for mobile use. Here it provides powerful sound with powerful level reserves. At the same time, it also provides the fine dynamics necessary to enjoy jazz and classical music.

If you use the S9 wired, it always acts passively and even offers the option of playing high-resolution audio files on a computer or a specialized player. In conclusion, the evaluation of the call quality via the integrated microphone is rather average despite the integrated noise suppression.