Best Shure RMCE-BT2 Black Friday And Cyber Monday Deals And Sales 2023

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Best Shure RMCE-BT2 Black Friday – We just tested the predecessor of the Shure RMCE-BT2 wireless extension in a Bluetooth bundle with the Shure SE535 ( for testing ), as the American manufacturer is already doing a wireless update. In this test you can read what the purchase of the wireless solution BT2 brings to you compared to its predecessor.

We are pleased to present to you a list of Best Shure RMCE-BT2 Black Friday for you. I hope you will choose the best product.

Best Shure RMCE-BT2 Black Friday And Cyber Monday Deals And Sales 2023

1. IShure RMCE-UNI Remote Mic Universal Communication Cable for Detachable SE Earbuds Earphones

The Shure RMCE-UNI Remote Mic Universal Communication Cable enhances the listening experience of detachable SE earbuds. Its compatibility with both Android and Apple devices is commendable. With a 50-inch length, it offers substantial mobility. The in-built microphone facilitates seamless calls, and voice prompts contribute to user-friendly operation. However, the cable might be slightly bulky for some, and durability over extensive usage could be improved.

Shure RMCE-UNI Remote Mic Universal Communication Cable for Detachable SE Earbuds Earphones - 3.5mm Connector, 50-inches Long - Calls, Voice Prompts, Volume/Playback Control on Apple & Android Devices
  • Seamless transition between Apple and Android devices
  • Compatible with all detachable SE sound Isolating Earphones
  • Integrated mic allows superior volume and playback control


  • Versatility: Compatible with both Android and Apple devices.
  • User-friendly: Enables voice prompts and easy volume/playback control.
  • In-built microphone: Provides good call quality.
  • Lengthy cable: Allows for ample mobility.


  • Bulkiness: The cable could be a bit heavy for some users.

2. H2O Audio Surge S+ Waterproof Sport Short Cord Headphones for Swimming and Underwater Activities

The H2O Audio Surge S+ is an impressive accessory for water enthusiasts, delivering quality sound even under water. These headphones offer an excellent mix of water-resistance, noise-cancellation, and comfort that swimmers and athletes will appreciate. The short cord design is ingenious, preventing annoying tangles during strenuous activities. Overall, the product is a worthwhile investment for those seeking a robust music experience while engaging in water-based workouts.

H2O Audio Surge S+ Waterproof Sport Short Cord Headphones for Swimming and Underwater Activities | in-Ear Sweatproof, Dustproof, Water-Resistant Noise Cancelling Earbuds for iPods and MP3 Players
  • SUPERIOR SOUND. Our Waterproof headphone technology uses the highest quality internal sound components to produce the best possible sound under water with premium bass
  • HIGHEST WATERPROOF RATING. 100% waterproof stereo earphones that can withstand heavy perspiration, rain, and complete submersion to 12ft/3.6m underwater with an IPX8 rating
  • PEACE OF MIND – Buy with confidence! Our product includes industry leading 1 YEAR WARRANTY. We are a small business and stand behind all the products we make


  • Exceptional waterproof capabilities: Allows for seamless use during swimming or other water activities.
  • Effective noise cancellation: Enhances sound quality, reducing external distractions.
  • Short cord design: Minimizes entanglements during intense workouts.


  • Compatibility limitations: Primarily designed for iPods and MP3 players, may not work well with other devices.

Best Shure RMCE-BT2 Black Friday And Cyber Monday


The RMCE-BT2 cable itself, as well as a short USB charging cable with a micro USB connector, are all included in the compact box, together with the operation instructions, the warranty booklet, and a few other pieces of paperwork. The new Shure Bluetooth device, like its predecessor, uses MMCX connectors to connect to the headphones or earbuds. To prevent corrosion, the contacts have been gold-plated.BT2 is a hybrid wired/wireless solution that allows wireless reception without requiring any additional hardware to be placed into the earbuds themselves. The cable has a remote control and microphone, much like the BT1. The rubberized, locking splicing device that prevents tangled wires has been around for some time.

The new BT2 is practical.

The receiver device now has a metal clip on the rear instead of hanging from the cord.They assist connect the Bluetooth receiver to jacket lapels or pockets.The receiver’s strongly nubbed back keeps it in the bracket attachment.Thus, substantial development improved usability.The receiver now charges the Bluetooth extension through micro USB. The charging status LED on the remote unit is unexpected (but not a drawback).

It’s frustrating that the control’s key combinations haven’t been matched to the normal Shure cable’s remote.Keystrokes on both remotes provide somewhat different outcomes.

The BT2 uses Bluetooth 5 instead of Bluetooth 4, enabling dual audio and reduced battery usage.Adding a key combination to check battery level is noteworthy.This is nice, however when I switch on the Bluetooth receiver, I still see the remaining running time.It should now take 10 hours, two more than the BT1.Even with a fully charged lithium-ion battery, the Bluetooth extension’s pleasant info voice only says eight hours in the test.

Refined acoustics

“It’s crucial to have personal space.” For wireless headphones, this entails a reliable connection, a long enough battery life to allow for mobile usage, and high-quality audio transmission.Again, Shure made advancements in Bluetooth connectivity.If you’re still using the BT1’s less spectacular subband codec (SBC), the BT2 can provide coding through aptX, aptX HD, and aptX Low Latency.There’s also support for AAC.As a result, the BT2 is far more advanced theoretically than its predecessor, the BT1.Android smartphones also allow you to make a more nuanced choice of codec in the Bluetooth settings.You may be certain that you will have the greatest listening experience possible with them.

The radio connection with Android and iOS smartphones is always solid, and pairing takes no time at all. Components of wireless transmission noise are not captured. No radio or encoding-related artifacts have been discovered. When compared to the Shure SE535 in-ears and an aptX-capable Bluetooth stick on the PC, the RMCE-BT2 produces sound that is crystal clear and dramatic. There is no distortion even at very low volumes, and the highs are crystal clear all the way up to the stratosphere. There are no audible variances between the SE535 and its cable operator in any audible frequency range.

In addition, the sensitivity of the BT2’s built-in microphone seems much improved over that of the BT1.In the real world, voices will be simpler to comprehend if the inbuilt omnidirectional microphone picks them up.Although the antenna’s performance was diminished in comparison to the previous model, this had no negative impact on the performance in the field test.

Best Shure RMCE-BT2 FAQs

How do I put my Shure BT2 in Bluetooth pairing mode?

  • Bluetooth Pairing. Turn off the earphones. Press and hold the center button on the earphone remote until the LED flashes blue and red.
  • From your audio source, select “Shure BT2.”
  • When successfully paired, the LED turns blue.

How do I pair my Shure Bluetooth headphones?

Bluetooth Pairing, Press and hold the center button on the earphone remote until the LED flashes blue and red. From the Bluetooth settings of your audio source, select your Shure Bluetooth device. LED turns blue when successfully paired.

What is Bluetooth pairing mode?

Bluetooth pairing is a form of information registration for linking devices. By registering device information (pairing) between devices, they can connect. To use a Bluetooth device, you must first pair it with another Bluetooth device. Pairing is a bit like exchanging phone numbers.

How to do Bluetooth headphones with a mic work?

A Bluetooth® device works by using radio waves instead of wires or cables to connect with your cell phone, smartphone or computer. Bluetooth is a wireless short-range communications technology standard found in millions of products we use every day – including headsets, smartphones, laptops and portable speakers.