9 Best Sony MDR-Z1R Premium Headphones Black Friday Deals 2023

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Best Sony MDR-Z1R Premium Headphones Black Friday – The MDR-Z1R, Sony’s new reference model; is one of the most comfortable closed headphones I’ve ever been able to test. And also unusual technical details, the special design, and the sound tuning ensure goosebumps moments – not only for technology nerds.

We are pleased to present to you a list of the Best Sony MDR-Z1R Premium Headphones on Black Friday. And we have also analyzed the pros and cons of the product

Best Sony MDR-Z1R Premium Headphones Black Friday Deals 2023

1. SONY MDR-Z1R WW2 Signature, Hi-Res Headphone

The Sony MDR-Z1R WW2 Signature, Hi-Res Headphone, Black (International Version), presents an unparalleled listening experience with its exceptional audio quality and comfortable design. Customers have praised its outstanding high-resolution audio, providing an immersive and rich auditory experience. Built with refined materials, the MDR-Z1R has not only an exquisite look but also a durable structure, ensuring long-lasting use.

SONY MDR-Z1R WW2 Signature, Hi-Res Headphone, Black (International Version)
  • Hear the difference with massive 70 mm HD drivers, enjoy full range sound up to 120Khz frequency response, hear music at its best with Hi-Res Audio compatibility
  • Keep sound Stable with a resonance-free, all-metal Housing, smooth sound at all frequencies with a Fibonacci-patterned grill, ergonomic Ear pad design
  • Beta titanium headband, genuine leather headband, separated ground cable, silver-coated OFC


  • Exceptional High-Resolution Audio: With Sony’s cutting-edge technology, these headphones deliver crisp and clear sound, bringing every note to life.
  • Comfortable Design: Lightweight and fitted with plush ear pads, users enjoy extended hours of music without discomfort.
  • Durable and Premium Quality: The headphones are built with refined materials, ensuring longevity.


  • Pricey: Although the headphone delivers outstanding performance, some customers have found it to be quite expensive.
  • International Version: Some users have faced issues with customer support and warranty claims as it’s an international version.

Customers globally have embraced the Sony MDR-Z1R WW2 Signature, appreciating the exquisite listening experience it offers. However, the price tag may not appeal to everyone, and the potential warranty issues could be a concern. Despite this, the headphone’s superior sound quality and comfort make it a worthwhile investment for any serious audiophile.

2. Sony MDRZ1R Signature, Hi-Res Headphone, Black

Get lost in an immersive world of high-resolution audio with the Sony MDRZ1R Signature Hi-Res Headphones. These premium headphones boast an incredible frequency response range, exceptional soundstage, and a comfortable design, ensuring an unmatched audio experience. The precision craftsmanship and the use of quality materials make them an investment worth considering for true audiophiles.

Sony MDRZ1R Signature, Hi-Res Headphone, Black
  • Hear the difference with massive 70 mm HD drivers, enjoy full range sound up to 120Khz frequency response, hear music at its best with Hi-Res Audio compatibility. Connectivity Technology: Wired
  • Keep sound Stable with a resonance-free, all-metal Housing, smooth sound at all frequencies with a Fibonacci-patterned grill, ergonomic Ear pad design
  • Beta titanium headband, genuine leather headband, separated ground cable, silver-coated OFC, made in Japan


  • Stunning High-Resolution Audio: Experience music in its purest form, thanks to Sony’s advanced technology.
  • Superior Comfort: The ergonomically designed, pressure-relieving ear pads provide extended comfort for long listening sessions.
  • Remarkable Frequency Response: With a response range from 4 Hz to 100 kHz, you won’t miss a beat.


  • Premium Price: While delivering top-tier audio quality, these headphones come with a significant cost.
  • Bulky Design: Some users found them a bit heavy for portable use.

Customers consistently praise the Sony MDRZ1R Signature Hi-Res Headphones for their superb sound quality, acknowledging the difference it makes to their listening experience. However, a few noted that the size and price may not appeal to all. In conclusion, if you’re willing to make a sizeable investment for extraordinary audio, these headphones won’t disappoint.

3. Sony Noise Cancelling Wireless Headphones – 30hr Battery Life – Over Ear Style 

Introducing the Sony Noise Cancelling Wireless Headphones WH-1000XM4B.CE7 Limited Edition in Jet Black. Sony has outdone itself with a battery life of an impressive 30 hours, catering to prolonged usage. These over-ear headphones are optimized for Alexa and Google Assistant, integrating seamlessly with your smart home devices. The built-in microphone makes taking calls a breeze while on the move. Aesthetically pleasing in a sleek Jet Black finish, this limited edition model stands out in a crowd.

Sony Noise Cancelling Wireless Headphones - 30hr Battery Life - Over Ear Style - Optimised for Alexa and Google Assistant - Built-in mic for Calls - WH-1000XM4B.CE7 - Limited Edition - Jet Black
  • Noise cancellation, powered by HD Noise Cancelling Processor QN1
  • Sound quality - these Bluetooth headphones support ideal Resolution Audio, and even compressed music files are upscaled using evolved DSEE Extreme technology
  • Speak-to-Chat automatically pauses playback when one start a conversation, Wearing Detection powers off headphones when not wearing them, plus more smart features for a seamless, hands-free listening experience


  • Exceptional noise cancellation provides a personal, immersive audio experience
  • Stellar battery life of 30 hours for extended listening sessions
  • Voice assistant compatibility enhances user convenience
  • Built-in mic for calls ensuring seamless communication


  • Some customers have expressed concern over long-term comfort, specifically for prolonged usage
  • A few reported occasional glitches with the touch controls
  • The high-end price tag might deter some potential buyers

Customer feedback has been generally positive, praising the audio quality and noise cancellation features. However, the price and comfort for long periods of use have been points of contention. Overall, the Sony WH-1000XM4B.CE7 Limited Edition offers a premium listening experience for those willing to invest

5. Sony PHA3 PHA-3 Headphone Amp, Black

The Sony PHA3 PHA-3 Headphone Amp, Black is a remarkable product, aiming to enhance your listening experience. Its compact and sleek design, adorned in a luxurious black finish, makes it a stylish addition to your sound gear.

Sony PHA3 PHA-3 Headphone Amp, Black
  • Flexible, Powerful, and pocket-able
  • Convenient Analog and Digital connectivity meets powerful digital audio conversion/amplification circuitry
  • Supporting up to 384 kHz/32-bit PCM and DSD (2.8/5.6) sources, for immersive and pocket-able Hi-Fi. Frequency response 10–100 kHz


  • Unparalleled Sound Quality: The PHA3 delivers stunning, high-resolution audio, revamping ordinary sounds into extraordinary experiences.
  • Robust Build: Its sturdy construction promises durability and long-term usage.
  • Portability: Despite its robust features, the PHA3 is surprisingly portable, perfect for those on-the-go.
  • Compatible: It supports a broad range of headphone impedances, making it versatile across various devices.


  • Pricey: Its high-quality performance comes with a significant price tag, potentially discouraging budget-conscious buyers.
  • Limited Battery Life: Some users have reported the battery life to be insufficient for extended use.

According to customer feedback, the Sony PHA3 PHA-3 Headphone Amp has greatly amplified their audio experience, producing clear and crisp sounds. However, a few voiced concerns over the high cost and battery life.

In conclusion, the Sony PHA3 PHA-3 Headphone Amp, Black, excels in delivering high-definition sound and a premium user experience. Its few drawbacks do not overshadow its overall impressive performance and its worth as an investment for audiophiles.

6. SONY Headphone cable MUC-B20SB1

Enhance your listening experience with the SONY Headphone Cable MUC-B20SB1. Designed for maximum compatibility with Sony headphones, this cable provides a seamless connection and superior audio transfer, ensuring a dynamic sound experience. High-grade materials make it durable, and its perfect length adds convenience in usage.

SONY Headphone cable MUC-B20SB1
  • Sony MUC-B20SB1 Balanced 2.0m Standard Plug


  • Exceptional Audio Quality: The MUC-B20SB1 enhances your audio, providing crisp, clear, and immersive sound.
  • Durability: This cable is crafted with top-tier materials ensuring longevity and robustness.
  • Optimal Length: Its 2-meter length provides ample reach, enabling comfortable listening even from a distance.


  • Limited Compatibility: This cable is primarily designed for specific Sony headphone models. Users with different brands may find it unsuitable.
  • Price: Some customers find the MUC-B20SB1 slightly expensive compared to other options in the market.

Based on customer feedback, the Sony MUC-B20SB1 stands out for its remarkable audio quality and durability, offering users an unparalleled sonic experience. However, its higher price point and limited compatibility could be potential drawbacks for some. Overall, if you own a compatible Sony headphone and prioritize sound quality, this cable is a fantastic investment.

7. Sony NW-WM1A 128GB Premium Walkman 

Experience a refined music experience with the Sony NW-WM1A 128GB Premium Walkman. This digital music player offers Hi-Res Audio, allowing you to hear every detail in your favorite tunes. Its robust 128GB storage ensures space for all your music needs. The sleek black design exudes a premium feel, making it a stylish accessory to carry around. Users have applauded the Walkman’s intuitive interface, long battery life, and superior sound quality, setting it apart from competitors.

Sony NW-WM1A 128GB Premium Walkman - Digital Music Player with Hi-Res Audio, Black
  • Aluminum chassis, with oxygen-free copper cabling. The NW-WM1A Walkman supports a wide range of file types, including DSD, WAV, AIFF, FLAC, ALAC, MP3, WMA, AAC, HE-AAC.
  • 32bit/384kHz PCM playback and Native DSD support (up to 11.2MHz)
  • Unbalanced & balanced connector (4.4mm) for max sound quality & increased output


  • High-Resolution Audio: Delivers a richer, more detailed sound experience.
  • 128GB Storage: Offers ample space for extensive music collections.
  • Sleek Design: A stylish accessory that is easy to carry around.


  • Price: Some customers feel that it’s quite expensive compared to other players in the market.
  • Lack of Streaming Services: Limited to offline listening only, no support for music streaming platforms.

Customer Feedback:

The Sony NW-WM1A has received high praise for its sound quality and storage capacity. Some customers, however, have expressed their wish for streaming service compatibility. Despite the price, many users consider it a worthwhile investment for the high-quality audio and premium design. In conclusion, this Walkman is perfect for audio purists who desire superior sound quality and a stylish, portable device.

8.  Sony NWE394/B 8GB Walkman MP3 Player

Sony’s NWE394/B 8GB Walkman MP3 Player combines reliable functionality with timeless style, offering a seamless audio experience for music enthusiasts. It packs a punch with a variety of features – sharp audio clarity, ample storage space, and an easy-to-navigate interface, making it a crowd favorite. The digital player’s battery life is another noteworthy aspect, lasting for up to 35 hours on a full charge, allowing users to immerse themselves in their favorite tracks without worrying about frequent charging.

Sony NWE394/B 8GB Walkman MP3 Player (Black)
  • Digital music & photo player with FM radio, Drag & drop from iTunes (PC) or Windows Media Player, Rechargeable battery with up to 35 hours audio playback
  • Alarm and timer function, Playlists compatible, Earbud style Headphones and USB cable included


  • High-quality sound: Sony is renowned for its superior audio quality, and the NWE394/B is no exception. It delivers crystal clear, balanced sound, making every song enjoyable.
  • Long battery life: With up to 35 hours of audio playback, you can enjoy your music for extended periods without the need to recharge.
  • Generous storage capacity: 8GB of storage space allows for a large music library, making it perfect for music lovers who like to keep their favorite songs at their fingertips.


  • Lack of Wi-Fi/Bluetooth connectivity: One major drawback of this MP3 player is that it doesn’t support wireless connections. This means you cannot stream music and must rely on downloads and transfers.
  • No video playback: Another limitation is that it only supports audio files, which may not suit those looking for a multimedia player.

Customers laud the Sony NWE394/B for its outstanding sound quality, user-friendly design, and long battery life, though some express disappointment with the lack of wireless and video support. In conclusion, if you’re seeking a reliable, high-quality audio player and don’t mind the wired connection, this Sony Walkman could be the perfect match for your audio needs.

9. Sony NWWM1Z Signature Series Hi-Res Walkman

The Sony NWWM1Z Signature Series Hi-Res Walkman is an unparalleled blend of style and technology. With an impressive design encased in gold-plated, oxygen-free copper, this device not only delivers astounding audio quality but also feels luxurious in the hand. It’s equipped with DSEE HX technology, ensuring even compressed audio files sound fantastic.

Sony NWWM1Z Signature Series Hi-Res Walkman
  • Hear music at its best with Hi-Res Audio, expanded compatibility with headphones, enhanced Hi-Res Audio amplification with New S-Master HX and DSEE HX
  • Enjoy high quality wireless sound via Bluetooth with LDAC, uncompromised quality components, New, intuitive touchscreen interface with side key control
  • Stronger power and amp power supplies, extended Hi-Res Audio playback on a single charge, 256Gb built-in memory + Micro SD slot


  • Astounding audio quality: Hi-Res audio support and DSEE HX technology offer a superior listening experience.
  • Elegant design: Gold-plated, oxygen-free copper chassis provides a premium feel.
  • Battery Life: Approximately 33 hours of High-Resolution audio playback.


  • Price: High-end device with a hefty price tag.
  • Weight: Some customers found it heavier than comparable devices.

Based on customer feedback, people love the audio quality this Walkman offers. Although it’s quite an investment, most find the price justified by the superior audio experience and premium design. A few noted its weight as a slight inconvenience.

In conclusion, the Sony NWWM1Z Signature Series Hi-Res Walkman is a luxurious audio device for the discerning listener. Its superior sound and build quality justify its price, making it a worthy investment for audiophiles.

The Sony MDR-Z1R Black Friday 2023 Review

Sony turned 70 in 2016

The company celebrated this with a range of new reference products; that intended to impressively demonstrate the company’s engineering know-how under the “Signature Series” label. The headphones MDR-Z1R tested here were developed with a clear focus on a detailed component selection and a “new” audio design in order to give the listener the feeling of real sound as authentically as possible.

The MDR-Z1R delivers impressive qualities in the areas of comfort and material selection – so much is anticipated. Sony’s engineers, according to their own statements, strove for nothing less than the perfect reproduction of every subtle sound nuance. Keywords such as microsounds, sound details, dynamics; and atmosphere are listed in interviews; when it comes to the ideal translation of actual sound events with headphones. With a recommended retail price of 2,199 euros, these claims should have been implemented …

Confident appearance

Although I have been using cutlery for years for analytical sound exercises, I am always particularly looking forward to representatives of the absolute top class because of their often special details. When the courier delivered the MDR-Z1R to me, I still thought at first that I had ordered a tube top or new weights for my dumbbells: a huge and remarkably heavy package!

If you take the headphone box out of the box, you get a touch of exclusivity. In front of me is a huge, completely leather-covered storage box that can be opened with a high-quality metal clasp. It kind of reminds me of luxurious jewelry or very expensive Armagnac. The appearance of the interior confirms the impression.

Haptics, optics, comfort

The headband was made from beta titanium, a material made from high-purity titanium, which is refined with a special beta alloy. Beta-Titan is normally used in the aerospace industry, and in the manufacture of highly flexible and resistant eyeglass frames. In practice, this means that I can put on and take off the headband almost unlimited times without losing elasticity. The material is also significantly lighter than steel. The adjustment range of the headband is generous in each case over ten gentle grid points.

The headphones are supplied with two different cables (with silver-coated, oxygen-free copper wires); a 3 m long standard cable with a mini-jack plug and an asymmetrical 1.2 m long cable with a 5-pin L plug for connection to, for example, compatible DACs.

Material and technology

I usually spare readers an extensive excursion into the materials used. Since the MDR-Z1R combines so many exciting approaches, I would like to make an exception. In addition to the obvious and already described materials, the most interesting details take place in secret.


Therefore, after the admittedly longer attempt, I now come to the essentials. I would like to differentiate the sound event under the ear cups of the MDR-Z1R in terms of feeling and listening impression. The MDR-Z1R has been a headphone for a long time, which gave me goosebumps several times. It has a generally warm, dark coordination with special features.

And also in terms of space, the MDR-Z1R offers a very broad picture. Many layers can differentiate in complex productions. Reverberation rooms are literally tangible; delays can paint inside. The headphones also show beautifully in height and depth.

It is really not easy to formulate a final sound: The MDR-Z1R has not ideal for me, but nevertheless sometimes enormously rousing coordination with detailed spatial image and atmosphere.


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