Best Superlux HD672 Black Friday And Cyber Monday Deals And Sales 2023

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Best Superlux HD672 Black Friday – The cable-bound HD672 Over-Ears from Superlux are manufactured in a semi-open design and have a sound level that would be expected in significantly higher price ranges, which offers an extremely attractive entry into the hi-fi world.

We are pleased to present to you a list of Best Superlux HD672 Black Friday for you. I hope you will choose the best product.

Best Superlux HD672 Black Friday And Cyber Monday Deals And Sales 2023

1. Superlux HD-672 Semi-Open Dynamic Over-Ear Headphone

Superlux HD-672 Semi-Open Dynamic Over-Ear Headphones offer an immersive audio experience with an articulate balance across all frequencies. They embody a design suitable for long periods of listening. However, their semi-open nature may not be everyone’s preference.

Superlux HD-672 Semi-Open Dynamic Over-Ear Headphone
  • Dynamic semi-open headphone
  • 50mm neodymium drivers
  • Low impedance


  • Dynamic sound: Detailed and balanced across all frequencies.
  • Comfort: Lightweight design with padded ear cups, perfect for long hours of use.
  • Value for money: Superior sound quality for the price range.


  • Build Quality: While adequate, it may not compare favorably to higher-end models.
  • Cable: Non-detachable cable may reduce durability.

2. Superlux HD668B Dynamic Semi-Open Headphones

The Superlux HD668B Dynamic Semi-Open Headphones offer exceptional value for audiophiles on a budget. The sound quality is impressive, with clear mids, deep bass, and crisp trebles. The semi-open design provides a good soundstage, however, it may cause some sound leakage. While the plastic construction is not premium, the durability is commendable.

Superlux HD668B Dynamic Semi-Open Headphones
  • Natural, spatial and accurate sound. Connectivity Technology: Wired
  • Silvery, clear cymbals
  • Pleasantly natural trebles


  • Impressive sound quality for the price.
  • Good soundstage due to the semi-open design.
  • Durable despite the plastic construction.


  • Plastic construction might not appeal to everyone.
  • Comfort could be improved with better padding.

3. Superlux HD-671 Closed-Back Over-Ear Headphone

The Superlux HD-671 Closed-Back Over-Ear Headphone delivers a solid audio experience at an affordable price point. Boasting decent sound quality, these headphones cater to a wide range of frequencies, rendering a balanced and detailed soundstage. Despite a lack of luxurious materials, they maintain comfort over extended listening periods, making them ideal for various usage scenarios. However, the build quality could have been more robust, and the isolation may not satisfy users in noisier environments.

Superlux HD-671 Closed-Back Over-Ear Headphone
  • Dynamic closed back headphone
  • 50mm neodymium drivers
  • Low impedance


  • Affordable: Offers a good sound experience for the price
  • Balanced Sound Quality: Handles a broad frequency range well
  • Comfortable for Long Use: Lightweight and comfortable for extended wear


  • Build Quality: Made from less premium materials, longevity could be an issue
  • Isolation: Noise isolation is not as strong, reducing their effectiveness in loud environments

Best Superlux HD672 Black Friday And Cyber Monday

Over-ears are large yet beautiful. HiFi headphones weigh 270g, which makes them comfortable to wear. Due to a flexible bracket structure, the headphone shells’ strong suspension has a small play, allowing for significant adjustability, particularly horizontally. A basic but well-thought-out design delivers a snug fit with perceptible contact pressure and an excellent grip on the run, making even a short intermediate sprint conceivable.

Rubber headphone shell upholstery looks like car tires owing of its roughness. Since “rubber tires” are air, a pure approach. Given the tight fit of the over-ears, I would have appreciated softer cushioning since the austere, minimalist solution compromises wearing comfort, especially over long periods.

Despite the semi-open design, rubber cushioning heats quickly. If the price sector is considered, the HD672’s processing quality is excellent and there is nothing more to complain about. However, the hi-fi headphones’ permanently inserted, above-average lengthy cable is strong, quiet, and contains a gold-plated small jack connection. Gold-plated jack adapter supplied.

Construction and Design

US Superlux HD672s are black exclusively. It will come in black or white with grey, black, red, pink, or blue earpads in other countries.

The HD672 is made of two flexible spring steel rods. Like the HD668B, these rods connect to the earcups. A strong plastic junction halfway down the rods prevents the two rods from splitting and causing pressure at the earcups.

Like the HD681 and HD681EVO, the HD672 includes a typical self-adjusting headband. Superlux is embossed on the headband.

HD681EVO earcups are comparable. They’re plastic. A perforated portion surrounds the middle of the earcups and three big vents. The earcups twist slightly to automatically fit your head.

Next, the earpads, will likely divide consumers. Silicone earpads are utilized in the HD571. One thin silicone sheet wraps around itself to create the earpads’ hollow core.

It’s a major shift and risky since people will be apprehensive at first. They’re removable, so you can use third-party pads. Are they comfy?


The HD672’s high output allows it to be used in louder environments like public transit.Hi-fi headphones are powerful and provide clean, balanced sound.The round, harmonic tune provides direct response, outstanding stereo imaging, and a small stage.The spatial depiction of the over-ears was extremely impressive, especially at this price point.Semi-open design is maximized here.

The tone is dull, washed out, and nasal, which might be criticized. The entire sound quality reaches higher, ambitious standards, making it hard to critique. The mids are strong, detailed, and snappy, while the bass is forceful but not overpowering. Highs are prevalent and open the sound. The over-ears let you enjoy classical, jazz, blues, rock, pop, electronic, and alternative music.

Dynamic, spatially distributed, and insulated, the headphones are great. These qualities make the hd672 suitable for music and surveillance. Superlux-hd672 provides high-quality sound in comfort.

Comfort and Soundproofing

The flexible spring steel rods’ clamping force is low, so the headset doesn’t hurt. The tiny headband felt great on my head. I forget it exists until I think about it.

Everyone wants to know how comfortable these new silicone earpads are. They’re mostly comfy. Silicone pads are softer than HD668B foam pads and contain just air, so they fit your head better. Silicone warms up rapidly, so your ears may become warm.

The earpads’ shallowness is another important component in this headphone’s comfort. Superlux models have shallow pads, like the HD672. The HD668B has no foam cushioning, thus bigger ears may rub against the hard plastic driver covers. This first annoyed me, but after a few of days, I stopped feeling it and can now use the headphones for hours.

Test gear

The neutral-sounding Superlux HD672 is well-balanced. Clarity, detail, tight bass, precise midrange, and crisp, non-fatiguing treble are excellent. The HD672 sounds great despite being neutral. It’s a musical and fun headset that keeps impressing me.


Basically, tight. It’s powerful yet modest. This gives the headphones tone substance and warmth. Due to its quick speed, the mid-bass is well-defined yet decays naturally, adding realism and tonal precision.

The HD672’s sub-bass is quick and conservative. The HD672 excellently reproduces Leech’s “Echo” intermittent sub-bass tone. The headphone shows off their rumbling without affecting middle clarity. The HD672 excels in the bass.


HD672 midrange is clear and sharp. Its precise instrument and voice timbre makes it a good studio monitor for mastering and mixing music.

The vocals are rich and realistic. Because many headphones make the voices sound grainy and strained, I use Anathema’s “Ariel” for testing. The HD672 smoothly handles male and female voices despite its excellent clarity. You may think this neutral headphone is boring. No way. It’s truthful, emotional, and lively.


Crisp and precise treble adds airiness and sparkle. Clear and mercifully smooth. It’s neither harsh nor sibilant, but it doesn’t disguise the recordings’ sibilance.

The HD672’s treble has strong transients and clarity, like the bass. As expected, the treble timbre and frequency spectrum are correct.


The HD672 delivers on the promise of a large soundstage made by its semi-open back design. It creates a stage that seems extremely open and free, rather than huge and artificial. The imaging and spatial cues are superb, and note density is not compromised in any way.

The headphones’ skillful management of depth and height enables them to produce audible layers on the stage. The placement of the vocals is spot on, just in the middle of the group. The expansiveness of the song is also preserved. The HD672 can project sounds beyond the listener’s head, and the depth of the headphones’ reach is surprisingly comparable to their breadth.


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