Best Urbanista New York Black Friday And Cyber Monday Deals And Sales 2022

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Best Urbanista New York Black Friday – The New York Over-Ears from the Swedish manufacturer Urbanista are very comfortable to wear and; thanks to their foldable design, also portable. In addition to a noise-canceling function, the wireless system offers a 3-button remote for Android, iOS, and Windows systems as well as a rich bass foundation.

We are pleased to present to you a list of Best Urbanista New York Black Friday for you. I hope you will choose the best product.

Best Urbanista New York Black Friday And Cyber Monday Deals And Sales 2022

Urbanista New York Noise Cancelling 

Urbanista New York Noise Cancelling Bluetooth Over Ear Headphones [ Active Noise Cancellation ], Up to 25 Hours Play Time, Unique Canvas Travel Bag – Dark Clown
  • A POWERFUL AUDIO EXPERIENCE: New York combines sleek design with a kick-ass clear sound, crisp highs and boosted bass through 40mm speakers via wireless Bluetooth v4.1.
  • ACTIVE NOISE CANCELLATION: New York features Active Noise Cancellation up to 27 dB allowing users to enjoy their tunes without the disruption of background noise on their commute or in the office.
  • BREATHTAKINGLY BEAUTIFUL: New York combines the best that Scandinavian design has to offer: a cool minimalistic look and many functional features.

The design of headphones produced in the Far East, designed in Stockholm; is fashion-conscious and corresponds to the urban lifestyle. The over-ears with their wide and soft padding made of synthetic leather offer a comfortable fit with balanced stability. This is favored by headphone shells attached at a slight angle to the rigid suspension; which ergonomically fit around the ear. The model is primarily made of plastic, which not only has a negative impact on the “hand quality”. Particularly stressed elements such as a finely adjustable temple extension for size adjustment or the folding mechanism of the foldable design, unfortunately, do not leave a high-quality, stable impression, since there is a lack of sufficient metallic reinforcement.

The term of New Yorkers heavily influenced by the noise canceling function. When the ANC is switched on, the battery offers up to 16 hours of operation before it needs to be recharged. Without a noise canceling function, on the other hand, it takes up to 25 hours. Since the over-ears also have a 3.5 mm audio input, in addition to Bluetooth operation, wired use is also possible. A corresponding mini jack cable with gold-plated plugs is included in the scope of delivery.\

Device control

The over-ears support Bluetooth version 4.1 and offer a long range of up to ten meters as confirmed in the practical test. If the system started using the power slider, a connection is established automatically by switching to pairing mode. Coupling is designed to be user-friendly, as is the overall operating concept. While separate plus and minus buttons are available to regulate the volume, playback is started and stopped as well as accepting and ending calls via the central multifunction button. A track selection can also be made on the headphones, by pressing the plus button for a while to go back to the next track and the minus button to go back to the previous track.

In my opinion, it is worth criticizing that the controller responds with a time delay and delay. It is also disturbing that volume changes are acknowledged by beeps, which is also the case when making calls. Otherwise, there is solid intelligibility of speech, whereby the person opposite does not seem close, but rather distant. As if it were speaking from the expanse of a larger room.

Sound and ANC

In terms of sound, the New York model offers an impressive bass foundation that extends far down and also covers the deep bass range. The sound is open, has stereo width, and has an appealing spatiality, which means that club music, electro, and hip-hop play great and are great fun to listen to, especially since the headphones also have a high output. Given the dominance and power in the bass, the higher frequencies are pushed back, but without falling off. However, the sound is not balanced and has a dull character despite its bright appearance. The over-ears are therefore not recommended universally, fans of bass-heavy music, on the other hand, receive tailor-made tuning of good quality.

The noise canceling function can be activated using a button, which like the other controls also has a slow response so that switching over will result in the playback being interrupted. The external noises appear muffled and projected further away. At the same time, the sound of the headphones appears louder, since the presence in the bass range continues to increase, while the middle frequencies appear to be reduced. From the upper mids, however, more presence is noticeable again. The ANC gives bass-accentuated music an additional boost in this respect; as with a bass boost function, while the sound appears a little freed from its dullness. That may sound good and in this case, ensures a very penetrating experience, but it can also be clearly too much of a good thing.

Quality workmanship and comfort

As usual from Urbanista, the New York also convinces with its reserved appearance. One searches in vain or frills in vain. Even the manufacturer’s logo can only be found very discreetly on the two hinges for the folding mechanism and not on the outside of the ear cups. Our test device has the nickname Moon Walk and is accordingly in the colors gray-silver and white. If you want to be a bit more reserved, opt for the black version. The top of the temple and the earpiece are made of matt plastic. Despite the high plastic content, New York makes a valuable overall impression. The over-ear can adjust to your own head shape using two sliders. In addition, the ear cups can fold inwards via two hinges for easier transport.

The bottom of the bracket is covered with a rubber layer to provide a secure hold. However, this part is only minimally padded, which is why an uncomfortable pressure can develop hereafter prolonged wear. Overall, however, the headphones score with excellent wearing comfort. The softly padded ear cups are made of memory foam covered with an artificial layer and adapt to the shape of the head. They sit comfortably over the ears and do not exert annoying pressure even after long listening. Thanks to its firm fit, the Urbanista only slips slightly even with jerky movements. With a weight of around 230 grams, it does not become too heavy even during longer sessions.

Handling and equipment

The Urbanista New York can connect wirelessly via Bluetooth 4.1 to other Bluetooth-compatible devices such as smartphones or tablet PCs. The coupling causes no problems and is extremely easy to do. All the user has to do is press the compact on/off switch on the underside of the left auricle and the headphones will go into pairing mode; which is indicated by a blue LED on the right earpiece. The Bluetooth connection was generally stable, but we only had to deal with minor connection problems from time to time in busier places.

The micro USB port is also located on the right ear cup to supply the integrated battery with power. The appropriate micro USB cable is already included in the scope of delivery, but a power supply is not included. Urbanista has included an airplane adapter and a chic carrying case. However, the latter is not padded and therefore does not protect the headphones during transport. It takes approximately 2.5 hours to fully charge the battery. Afterward, the user can look forward to wireless music enjoyment of up to 16 hours with activated noise canceling. If sound suppression is deactivated, the battery life increases by another eight hours. We can roughly confirm this impressive data in the practical test.


Speaking of noise-canceling: The function can be activated using the corresponding button on the left ear cup but was not completely convincing in the test. Although it reduces most ambient noise, it increases wind noise, for example. Since the headphones already offer good shielding in normal conditions, we generally decided against noise canceling.

In addition to the buttons already mentioned, the Urbanista New York also has buttons for volume control and a multi-function button. This can use; for example, to accept calls or to activate the voice assistants from the various operating system manufacturers. Thanks to the integrated microphone, the over-ear can also use as a headset. If the integrated battery should run low, the New York can also be coupled with the included 3.5 mm jack cable. The appropriate connector is on the left ear cup.


The Urbanista New York convinces with a comfortable fit and excellent comfort. Operation is easy thanks to the buttons on the device. The Bluetooth connection is easy to establish and is usually stable. However, the noise canceling function works more poorly than it should. The sound leaves us divided. We are impressed by the bass reproduction, but this comes at the expense of the highs and mids; which is why the Urbanista lacks brilliance in these areas.